GoGreen Propel COB LED Flashlight

GoGreen Propel COB LED Flashlight

GoGreen Propel COB LED Flashlight

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Featuring a 90 degree rotating head, the Propel COB LED Flashlight outputs extreme brightness with 280 lumens collapsible wing lights. With a 120 lumen top beam, this nifty function will illuminate your path while camping, hiking and dog walking during the dusk hours. The Propel also comes in handy with a premium hook, perfect for hands free usage. For added convenience, a magnet is located at the base of the flashlight so you can mount on your car, alerting caution or an emergency. Just simply turn on the red strobe emergency mode!

Plus, 3 AAA batteries are included in this flashlight. The Propel offers 3 lighting modes to help suit your needs depending on the situation at task.


  • 400 powerful lumens

  • -120 lumens top beam
    -280 lumens fold down wing style work lights

  • Rubberized matte finish

  • 90° rotating head

  • Emergency red strobe feature

  • Premium hook and magnetic base

  • Includes 3 AAA GoGreen Power batteries

  • Press power button to cycle through modes:
    1. Top beam on
    2. Wings on
    3. Top beam on, Wings red strobe on