Muggles and the Case of the Missing Cat Food

Muggles and the Case of the Missing Cat Food

Muggles and the Case of the Missing Cat Food

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Finn ran out of the barn yelling for Muggles, "Muggles, Muggles! MUGGLES!!, I need to talk to you!"

"Whoa little buddy. Slow down" Muggles calmly stated. "What seems to be the issue so early in the morning?"

"Its...its...our food! Someone ate all our food last night!"

 Muggles is a small pony with a big personality, big stomach, and big heart. He is friends with all the animals at Whistle Hill Farm, where he is asked to help solve a mystery when his feline friend Finn is concerned over some missing cat food.

During this fun and easy read you will meet many of the animals who live on and around Whistle Hill Farm, while trying to figure out who the culprit to this crime is.

Are you ready to read along and see if you can help Muggles figure out The case of the Missing Cat Food?

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