Stubben Equi-Soft Stud Girth (Top Only)

Stubben Equi-Soft Stud Girth (Top Only)

Stubben Equi-Soft Stud Girth (Top Only)

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The Stubben Equi-Soft® Stud Girth is a new ingenious and exclusive system of elastic rings that offer the perfect girth pressure distribution. It has been designed to achieve maximum performance under your horse under strict conditions of comfort.

The Equi-Soft has an anatomical design and lines that fit the contours of your horse’s body to achieve maximum comfort, avoiding pinching and the natural resistance that your horse has to its girth.

This special design allows the horse to expand its chest when needed during exercise eliminating the feeling of pressure.

The elastic rings expand and contract with the rib cage of your horse and maintain a uniform tension.

In a comparative study of girths all horses, without exception maintained a much lower heart rate when using the Stubben Equi-Soft® girth.

The Equi-Soft webbing strap is the only fully adaptable girth on the market that adapts to the anatomy of the horse serving for all horses and ponies.

The design of the Equi-soft girth allows for the central padding to be interchanged in just seconds. Coming in a different colours and fabrics including leather and sheepskin.

Please see related products for other style ranges of the Equi-Soft® Girths. The girth you are purchasing includes the leather pad, other pads are sold separately please contact us for a range of choices and prices.

Correct use of the Equi-Soft® Girth:

The center of the Equi-Soft® Girth must be positioned symmetrically in the center of the horse’s girth line. Never adjust one side, the tension should be similar on both sides of the girth.